How to distinguish the quality of art coatings
Date: 2019-11-16
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There are more and more requirements for modern decoration, more and more people's decoration requirements highlight the personality, and the decoration that publicizes the personality is more and more favored by the post-90s. Then, choosing a high-quality artistic texture coating will not only make your home space personality show, but also do not worry about the subsequent bad images such as falling off, cracking and peeling after decoration. Therefore, before decoration, it is important to control the quality of coating products.

Then in the decoration project, how should you distinguish the quality of art coating products? And listen to how to distinguish the quality of art coating products.

1. Particle size

Take a transparent glass, put in half a glass of water, then, take a little colorful paint, put in the water of the glass and stir. For high-quality multi-color coatings, the water in the cup is still clear, and the particles are relatively independent in the clear water, and the particles are not bonded to one anion, so the size of the particles is very uniform; for low-quality multi-color coatings, the water in the cup will immediately become turbid, and the particle size is differentiated. A small number of large particles are like pimples, and most of them are fluffy small particles

2. Look at the sales price

The high-quality multi-color texture coating is produced by regular manufacturers according to the formula, with moderate price; while the low-quality multi materials, some of which are Jerry built in production, some of which are even imitated by individuals, have low cost, and the sales price is much better than that of the high-quality multi coating. If someone tries to save money and urinate, he will suffer a lot. More and more families teach you how to distinguish good and bad art coatings like to choose art coatings as the background wall. The local decoration effect is outstanding, which often plays a finishing role, making the home environment unique. Therefore, more and more users are using colorful art coatings. There is a big gap in the quality of the colorful art coatings sold in the market. Therefore, in the purchase should be carefully identified to prevent being deceived.

3. Water solubility

After a period of storage, the pattern particles in the colorful art coating will sink, and there will be a protective glue on it. This protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1 / 4 of the total amount of colorful artistic texture coating. For the high-quality multi-color coating, the protective glue solution is colorless or yellowish and clear; for the low-quality multi-color art coating, the protective glue solution is turbid and obviously presents the same color as the pattern color particles. The main problem is not that the stability of the multi-color coating is poor, but that it has been stored and should not be used again.

4. Look at floating objects

All high-quality colorful art coatings usually have no floating objects on the surface of the protective glue solution, and there are very few floating objects of color particles. However, if there are many floating objects and the color particles are full of the surface of the protective glue solution, even with a certain thickness, it is not normal, which indicates that the quality of this kind of colorful art coating is poor.

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